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Acne Boot Camp

Thank you for expressing interest in our acne boot camp. We are excited to finally serve our community in this capacity. The information below provides details regarding boot camp participation and how to move forward in exploring this wonderful opportunity to partner with us.


We have partnered with Face Reality, a company that focuses on treating and clearing acne with a 90% success rate. Our goal is to help individuals struggling with acne to gain confidence in the appearance of their skin, educate them on their skin condition and develop good lifestyle habits throughout the boot camp journey.  The boot camp is a 3-6 month process with most seeing a significant improvement in 12 weeks. 

About Face Reality Acne Boot Camp

Acne is a perplexing skin condition that can be challenging to treat, but with the right formula and care it can be managed and diminished.  Face Reality specializes in treating moderate to severe inflamed, non-inflamed and combination acne. Their clear skin formula will have your acne under control within 3-4 months depending on your acne type. A combination of clinical-grade home care and a series of bi-weekly treatments will result in clearing your skin. The success of your journey is a result of you and your Acne Coach working together for one goal....CLEAR SKIN!

Face Reality Before + After 2.webp
Disclaimer: Before & after photos of Face Reality users, results will vary. We do not own the rights to these photos.

Our commitment

We understand how taxing acne can be emotionally, mentally, and of course physically.  That's why we are dedicated to giving you the attention you deserve throughout this journey by providing you with acne safe products, resources that will educate you on healthy lifestyle habits and providing quality care when you visit us. We are here to support you and take the guesswork out of attaining healthy skin. 

Our approach


Face Reality products are specifically formulated for acneic skin and guaranteed to not clog your pores. 


Together we will try to discover the things that may be triggering your acne from the inside out. Oftentimes, people prone to acne may have internal factors contributing to breakouts, your Acne Coach will take a deeper dive to help you understand what could be the cause. We will review and recommend supplements that could be a problem/solution. 


We take your lifestyle habits into consideration.  Do you have any hobbies or extra curricular activities that could have a negative impact on your acne prone skin? We help you identify what those are and assist by making recommendations on adjustments.

What We Expect From You

ONLY USE THE PRODUCTS WE RECOMMEND: This program is a combination of receiving a series of treatments in addition to required homecare recommended by your Acne Coach.  When you commit to our program, you are not permitted to use any other products not recommended by us. 

A PARTNERSHIP: We are here to help guide you to success, so we need your willingness to accept our guidance while you're in our care. We will continue to update and educate our clients are we learn more about recent developments and findings regarding acne. 

PATIENCE: Your daily routine, with our instruction, is the key to your success! If you are not doing your homecare routine according to our instruction, it will not be successful.  Delayed success can also stem from doing it your way or anyone looking for overnight/rapid results. REMINDER, this Boot Camp is at least 3-6 months long. (Depending on severity and acne type)

EXPECT SOME DRYNESS & FLAKINESS: During this program active ingredients will be used, so please expect some dryness and flakiness.  We will make recommendations on how to minimize this, but most will experience dryness and flakiness. 

100% COMMITMENT: Embarking on this journey may seem a bit overwhelming, but remember we're here to support you.  We need your 100% commitment to help you achieve clear, healthy skin from a proven skincare system. With a sustainable homecare solution and a trusted partnership, you will have your acne under control within a matter of months.  



Things To Consider Before Participating 


If using Retin A®, Differen, Renova or any other prescription medications for exfoliating/anti-aging or medication for Rosacea, you will need to discontinue using 14 days prior to coming in.

If using Accutane, you need to stop taking 3 months before you start the program.

If you are pregnant or nursing, you need to have your doctor’s OK before you start the progr
am. Some treatments and products in this facial are not advised.

Consultation & Skin Sensitivity Test (no treatment) ~ $85 (approx. 60 min)

This is the opportunity to discuss your current skincare, diet, lifestyle, and acne history. During this time we will cleanse, analyze and test your skin for sensitivity. We will also educate you on our program, our commitment to you, and how we partner with you to achieve the results you desire. Here is the chance to meet your Acne Coach and discover if this is the right treatment plan for you. Approximately 60 minute treatment. 

Consultation & Acne Treatment ~ $105 (approx. 90 min)

During this time we will discuss  your current skincare regimen, past procedures, perform a skin analysis & skin sensitivity test, review & provide valuable information regarding products, diet, supplements and medications. Your Acne Coach will  provide the following: cleansing, exfoliation, extractions with customized acne products, LED light therapy, and show you how to exactly use the products recommended.  Approximately 90 minute treatment. 

Preliminary pictures taken for your personal file only to track your progress.

Bi-weekly Acne Treatment ~ $85 *recommended* (approx. 45-60 min)

Monthly Acne Treatment ~ $105 (approx. 45-60 min)

Keeping your acne under control requires regular treatments.  Monitoring your progress and adjusting homecare must take place with bi-weekly (recommended) or monthly treatments. During your treatment, your skin will be analyzed and your Acne Coach will customize a treatment and inform you if any homecare adjustments are necessary.  It is imperative that we see you every two weeks for treatment to assess how your skin is responding to treatments. Again, most see a significant improvement within 12 weeks. 

Existing Client Virtual Check-In ~ $40 (approx. 30 min)

Our Acne Coaches are available through video call to help support you via Google Meet. Can't make your bi-weekly appointment?  Have you reached the point of boot camp succession, but in need of additional guidance? Do you have questions regarding your journey? Here's an opportunity for us to support you in the comfort of your own home as part of your ongoing care. 

Additional Areas To Treat

  • Back ~ $95 *single or add on* (approx 45-60 min)

  • Chest ~ $50 *add on* (approx 15 min)


If you would like to partner with us and make the commitment of clear skin, book your consultation!

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